Sandra Arato

software engineer

Hello world!

My name is Sandra, and I'm a software engineer, tech lead and an all-rounder busy bee. Apart from coding, I speak at meetups, mentor at coding events and love hackathons.

I have been coding for 6+ years and built a few cool projects over the years, see below:

Panda Live 2018 - 2019


Firstly as a senior software engineer, then as a team leader I worked on a near-real time data platform that helped front line services to prioritise information as well as served as a report tool for the organisation. I helped setting up Agile processes, introduced code standards and smoothed out feature development by communicating with stakeholders.

I used SAP HANA with UI5 (Fiori) and React.js.

Logan is listening 2018

side project

A data project for understanding community trends in Logan via utilising 3rd party apis and projecting findings to a live feed in a web app.

I used node.js, express, and vanilla Javascript to create a full-stack project. On the front end, I used Chart.js to show live events for suburbs in Logan.

github | presentation

Cycling routes Brisbane 2018

hackathon project

During the ARRB Data hackathon, I solved a challenge in the 'Cycling' and 'Safety' challenges based on open datasets. This project received a 2nd prize at the hackathon.

I've built a Machine Learning model that would predict the risky sections for a given route for a cyclist based on historical data. I used python and jupyter notebooks for feature engineering and AWS AutoML to quickly create and iterate on models.

Later on, a complete data pipeline and UI was added to the project, to make the whole user flow seamless.

Note: currently the pipeline is turned off because of the pricing model of AWS WorkMail.

github | presentation

Future you. 2017 - 2018

GetFU Holdings

As a full-stack software engineer, I have been working on FU, a money management product for millenials. It has been a truly exciting journey during which I've learnt a lot about AWS, and particulary about serverless frameworks and building data pipelines with it. On the front end, I have used React with Redux and styled components.


Jenny, the chatbot 2017

hackathon project

At the Big Data Big Heart Hackathon participants were asked to create solutions for non-profits and organisations serving Queensland residents in various health related matters. Our chosen organisation was Epilepsy Queensland.

As their work highly relies on communicating effectively with those who need it most, we created a chatbot that aims to be a first point of reference on the website, especially out of office hours.

I was mainly contributing by ideation, project management and user testing. We received a special mention for this project.


Hausus 2017

remote contract

As a front end web developer, I worked remotely with a UK based startup that challenged the rental property market by connecting home owners with renters without the middle man.

I worked in React and Sass to create the owner-side admin system for managing applications and properties.

You are my sunshine 2017

hackathon project

At the Perth chapter of the global NASA SpaceApps Challenge, we worked on a solution for the solar energy challenge. Based on open data, we built a simulation of the energy intake and output of a family home in Perth with solars on it. The idea was that with the right smart home infrastructure, we would incentivise consumers to live a more energy-savvy lifestyle.

I used React to create the simulation UI. The project received a 1st prize and a nomination for global round.

github | website | demo

HSBC Mobile App 2015 - 2016

AnalogFolk, London

As a front end engineer, I worked on the base components of the mobile banking app for HSBC. The hybrid app was developed with web technologies and compiled to iOS and Android.

I used cutting edge front end technologies such as ES6, GSAP and in-app AfterEffects animations. The toolkit was built on atomic design principles.

website | demo

UI Toolkit 2014 - 2015


I worked as a client side engineer in the London office of Expedia, where we built the components that serves as a skeleton for several sites under the Expedia brand, such as Wotif, and Expedia.

I used and wrote JSP tags and Javascript modules to contribute to the UI library with performance and accessibility in focus.

website | podcast

Front end contracts 2014

Mito Europe Ltd.

I worked as a web developer remotely for 2 short contracts with Mito, a digital agency based in Budapest.

I worked on a micro-site for the spring campaign of FHB Bank that included a loan calculator.

I also worked on a prototype for General Electric that showcased a product catalogue for lighthing fixtures and a lumen/lux calculator that suggested specific products based on the requirements.